HICverticalISOFLEX USA is the US distributor for Huayi Isotope Company (HIC), located in the Jiangsu Province of China.

HIC specializes in manufacturing biochemical compounds used in the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging. Additionally, we offer HIC's O-18 and other consumables for the molecular imaging industry, including but not limited to reagent kits for the production of [18F] FDG for most synthesis modules (GE, IBA, Siemens), as well as sterile vials. IUSA maintains a large inventory of HIC’s sterile vacuum vials in San Francisco and can ship to any US location within 48 hours from receipt of order. All precursors and other biochemical compounds are imported on an individual order basis. Contact us for any medical imaging products.

Stable Isotope Provider Changyou Gas Company supplies stable isotopic gases, metals and chemicals. Located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, Changyou Gas Company is a select distributor of ISOFLEX products, including Helium-3, Xenon isotopes (Xe-129, Xe-131, Xe-134 and Xe-136), Zinc-64 depleted DZO and DZA, and many other isotopically-enriched metals, salts and oxides. Click here to contact Changyou Gas Company.

ritverc logo colorRITVERC JSC develops, manufactures and supplies radionuclide sources, Mössbauer sources, reference sources and solutions, to customers in more than 50 countries. RITVERC sources are used in industry, medicine, and scientific research. ISOFLEX USA is a proud distributor, through our subsidiary, ISOFLEX Radioactive LLC, of RITVERC sources: Ba-133, Cs-137, Co-57, Co-60, Eu-152, Na-22, Y-88 and Zn-65. Contact us with your requirements.

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