Our Markets

We have been in business for 20 years and are the premier global distributor of stable isotopes for a broad spectrum of applications:


Do you need germanium isotopes for neutrino detectors, silicon isotopes for high-energy accelerator research, or zinc isotopes for metabolic studies? ISOFLEX supplies cutting-edge researchers from Boston to Berkeley, Montreal to Mexico City, and beyond!

Whether you are at Caltech, MIT, or anywhere else in academia; whether you are working on an NIH grant or an undergraduate internship, just let us know. We understand limited research budgets.

Whatever your isotope needs, give us a call. We offer maximum flexibility in meeting your monetary constraints.


Whether it's pharmaceutical tracers or precursors for radioisotope production, ISOFLEX has you covered.


From milligram-quantity atomic clock crystals, to hundreds of grams for laser production, to hundreds of kilograms for nuclear reactor water chemistry additives, ISOFLEX meets demanding isotopic purity and enrichment requirements. We also offer isotopically-enriched gases and gaseous compounds.

 Custom Synthesis

ISOFLEX makes it easy. Let's discuss your custom synthesis needs. You will be surprised at our reasonable prices for custom synthesis work. Contact us today!

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