Stable Isotopes

Quality assurance is important in every shipment we make. Prior to shipment, all isotopes are analyzed and certified as to isotopic enrichment level and purity. Each shipment is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis. Products sold by ISOFLEX are guaranteed to meet the specifications described in the Certificate of Analysis, providing there is no evidence of foreign contamination which may have been introduced after shipment from our facility.

Isotopes sold by ISOFLEX are quoted and sold on the basis of elemental weight, unless otherwise noted. Compound weight is calculated using standard stoichiometry methods, without correction for enrichment.  Quoted isotopic enrichments are guaranteed within 0.5%. 

Customers are instructed to inspect all packages upon receipt. If any material received appears to be defective, damaged or missing, please contact your ISOFLEX sales representative immediately. 

If customer tests indicate that weight and purity levels do not meet or exceed the results indicated in the Certificate of Analysis accompanying the specific shipment, please contact ISOFLEX immediately and confirm all testing procedures employed so that we may reconcile any discrepancies between the results achieved by the customer and those stated on the Certificate of Analysis. 

Prior to returning a product to ISOFLEX, please contact your ISOFLEX sales representative for assistance with any discrepancies.